The Ultimate Online Course for B2B Sales Structure

TAKE AIM at B2B Sales Success

A Lifetime in business, 25+ years in professional B2B Sales and Entrepreneurship and a decade-long labour of love, teaching and preaching TAKE AIM at B2B Sales Success, have finally culminated in the creation of the TAKE AIM Academy.

The fundamental business of business-to-business sales is universal in nature.  So are the concepts and teachings found within the TAKE AIM framework.  TAKE AIM Academy lets us make the unique TAKE AIM framework, methodology and relationship-oriented sales process available to B2B sales professionals and entrepreneurs absolutely any time, any where. 

It took a lot for TAKE AIM to come to be.  TAKE AIM Academy makes it readily available and easily accessible to any B2B sales rep or team leader, business leader or Entrepreneur, looking for some quick and simple help with a proactive plan for Revenue Retention and Generation. 

Learn at Your Own Pace

Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re social distancing in your home office, back on the road, or sharpening your saw, TAKE AIM is now available on your schedule.

Weekly Call

Every week, Rob hosts a one-hour group coaching call to answer your questions, share best practices or discuss trending topics that can be applied to your learning experience.


Full Documentation

Get a Workbook, Transcripts, Templates and Exercises that can be downloaded and saved for ongoing use and future references.

Online Learning Advantage

Online videos and tutorials have been enabled, empowered and enhanced by new platforms like YouTube, Loom and Kajabi.  There is no longer any need to travel, park or schedule around someone else’s schedule.

  • Each workshop can be replayed or paused to complete on your own time
  • Watch from any location
  • Video and audio interplay allows for augmented learning
  •  Re-listened for up to one year after signup as a refresher

Three Programs to Choose from

As a B2B Sales and Business Coach, Rob’s in-person engagements and TAKE AIM Live Workshops run anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000. TAKE AIM Academy provides the entire TAKE AIM at B2B Sales Success program for a fraction of that.

The Bootcamp edition provides the basic TAKE AIM at B2B Sales Success program, while the Professional and Enterprise programs unlock more resources and benefits, including weekly group coaching calls and even personalized coaching.



Top 20 B2B Essentials

Complete TAKE AIM Workshop

Full documentation

Q&A Vault



Complete BOOTCAMP Program

Weekly group call

Bonus materials

Group discounts



Complete PROFESSIONAL Program

Live Group Session

Personnalized Coaching Calls

Special Promotional Offers

A safe and worthy investment.

*100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

You have 2 weeks to decide if TAKE AIM Academy is for you.  By the time you’ve completed the second module, if you don’t think that the TAKE AIM Academy program can deliver more than it’s cost, we’ll provide you with a prompt, full refund; Talking to the Tribe, the Top 20 B2B Sales Essentials and the Target modules are all yours to keep.

Special Promotional Offer, bonus video included

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