Create Customers for Life, One Relationship at a Time

Knowledge without Understanding is like Breath with no Oxygen

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.

– Jim Rohn

TAKE AIM is a proven process for developing a loyal, 

growing, and profitable customer base.

TAKE AIM was developed as a relationship-oriented sales strategy to build any B2B sales force into a selling powerhouse. The step-by-step TAKE AIM approach outlines the seven critical stages in creating lasting sales relationships; building essential equity in your customer and prospect base through effective, proactive relationship management. TAKE AIM is…

  • A solid Framework for long-term B2B sales success
  • A structured plan for proactive relationship management
  • A solid, manageable and measurable relationship sales process
  • Not exactly sales training

Learn how the TAKE AIM  7-Step Framework can fit into your existing Sales Structure.


Select the 7-steps for your Sales success


Time is money, where are you investing it?

Before picking up a phone or sending an email, you need clarity on who are you targeting


Opening the lines of communication


Setting yourself apart by getting yourself within


The more you know, the more you can help


Pen meets paper, securing the relationship and creating a customer


Ensuring a solid foundation for the new working relationship


The customer is ours to lose

TAKE AIM Tactical

Utilizing founder Rob Campbell’s expertise and proven patterns for sales success, Acumentum provides our clients with invaluable “TIPs” tools and insights developed over a combined half century practical experience in business, professional sales, entrepreneurship and direct marketing.

We provide personalized TAKE AIM programs in three ways:

  • High-impact Speaking
  • Team and individual Coaching
  • Interactive Workshops and Training

If long-term business-to-business sales success is what you are after, it’s time you learned how to TAKE AIM at it.

TAKE AIM Academy

After teaching the TAKE AIM method to hundreds of companies and thousands of Salespeople in person, we have developed an intense and highly focused online learning course. This 4-week workshop allows you to learn at your pace while going very deep in the TAKE AIM philosophy for success. 


TAKE AIM Mastermind

Steven Covey’s seventh and arguably most important habit is to “Sharpen the Saw”, meaning that all of the knowledge that you possess must continually be practiced and honed for optimal performance. The TAKE AIM Mastermind are quarterly gatherings meant to supercharge what you’ve learned and expand on it, dive in and expand on the depth of your knowledge.

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– Chinese proverb

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