When millions of buffalo roamed the plains, native hunters could afford to let their skills ebb and their spears dull and rust.  After all, the pickings were easy. But as the herds thinned, tribes who had strong, skilled hunters prospered while others seemingly vanished from existence.

Many businesspeople and entrepreneurs are learning that selling in today’s market demands a higher skill level than in the past.  Now, more than ever, successful owners and managers realize the need to develop their sales force and sales strategies in order to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

In today’s economy, competition is fierce and the successful vendors are usually those who recognize the value of  strong customer relationships and are committed to “insuring” them through effective, proactive sales efforts.

The best way to insure your tribe’s success is with a commitment to developing a strong, effective hunting party.  

Knowledge gathered over time can translate into a “wealth of experience” and at Acumentum Consulting Group, we believe in sharing the wealth through our TAKE AIM at Success sales training and coaching programs.

Utilizing founder Rob Campbell’s expertise and proven patterns for sales success, Acumentum provides our clients with invaluable “TIPs” along with tools and insights developed over a combined half century in business and practical experience in professional sales, entrepreneurship and direct marketing.

At Acumentum, we believe that the most valuable asset any successful entrepreneur or sales professional has in insuring their lasting success is a strong, satisfied, loyal and growing customer base.  Our defining purpose is in helping businesses, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and not-for-profits To Insure Performance in their pursuit of sustainable revenue generation.

Acumentum clients are motivated to effect positive change that can play a key role in leading their organization to success.  We can help you and your team develop sales and marketing strategies based on Creating Customers for Life.  You will learn how to strengthen and maximize existing customer relationships and build new ones faster and better than ever before.  Our clients see immediate return on their investment in us, benefitting from our step-by-step approach to ensuring sales success through improved relationship management.

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Rob is a seasoned sales professional, manager and entrepreneur.  Raised in an entrepreneurial family and interacting with customers since he was a toddler, he has a profound understanding of what it takes to create customers and keep them coming back.  Convinced that the way to love sales is to understand people and their individual needs, Rob set out early to show that doing business can better everyone involved in the transaction.

While advancing through the ranks of professional sales and entrepreneurship, starting and owning companies in the office equipment, direct marketing and distribution industries, Rob has developed a demonstrable pattern of success.   Now with over 25 years of professional business to business sales, entrepreneurship and direct marketing experience, Rob has created TAKE AIM at Success, a revolutionary sales training program designed to help business-to-business companies and organizations dramatically improve their sales results.

Rob’s sales acumen comes first from his natural interest in human behavior and personality development, and second from his philosophy of “always be learning.”  A certified coach and modern-day Erik Eriksson, his own psychosocial theory of the various stages of life (Shifting Gears) has played a role time and time again when dealing with sales customers, co-workers, and consulting clients.

When asked to describe Rob, those who have had the opportunity to work with him are consistent in the kind of words they use to describe him:  Inspiring, dynamic, insightful, innovative, and an agent of change.


COVID-19 Reality on B2B Sales

Amid all of the doubt and uncertainty about what the business landscape is going to look like, moving forward, most business leaders and entrepreneurs understand that 

Whatever “New Normal” we eventually settle into, two things are absolute.

Aside from all the other, expected challenges are being faced by those pivoting or rebuilding their businesses, these two facts affect the playing field for everyone…

1 – The NEED for DOLLARS will be even greater than it was before all of this, and

2 – Those DOLLARS are going to be MUCH MUCH harder to come by, especially with what will be an unprecedented level of Competition – and even Desperation – for those dollars.

While for some, this might bring fear and trepidation about the future, for others, it simply affirms how critical it is to have a proactive Strategy and a Plan for their Sales Success, throughout the Recovery – and beyond.

Pandemic or no Pandemic in Business and, especially in Professional Sales, there is a direct correlation between TIME and MONEY.  The more effective we are in managing the precious resource of TIME, the more successful we’ll be in our role as Sales Leader, Revenue Generator, or performance-based earner.

Today’s extraordinary set of circumstances simply ups the stakes.  Being exceptionally effective with your time is an absolute must, especially right now – as you make your way forward and help to create the new normal.     

TRADITIONAL, non-virtual business development and outreach activities are obviously curtailed and changed due to the safety measures – and they will be for the quite some time.  Much has changed in how your various skills, attributes and techniques might be used and applied.  Some new skills might also be required, in order to secure your sales success going forward.

This is what sets TAKE AIM apart from other sales systems.  Rather than being a separate box of tools that might now be partially out of date, TAKE AIM is the versatile Master toolbox and Operating manual that harnesses and optimizes ALL the tools you have at your disposal, along with the ones you’re adding as you evolve.

Regardless of any challenges or opportunities faced by those trying to retain and grow revenue in an evolving business-to-business environment, the stability of TAKE AIM’s unique, all-encompassing, relationship-oriented sales framework is absolute.  While users pivot, adapt,  tweak or completely reinvent their sales strategies and tactics to face the evolving business landscape, the seven steps in building a successful business-to-business sales relationship between people and the organizations they represent remain the same…

Target, Approach, K’nect, Expand, Acquire, Integrate and Maintain.