TAKE AIM Tactical


“A good process can help ordinary reps perform like rock stars.”
Neil Rackham, Author of SPIN Selling

From new salespeople to veteran entrepreneurs, if you are in the business of doing business-to-business sales, TAKE AIM sales training has much to offer:

  • Improved sales performance
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Strengthened customer loyalty
  • Improved synergies and teamwork
  • Advanced time management

Our training programs deliver TAKE AIM at Success in a variety of flavours and formats to suit individual sales performance requirements. From a dynamic and energetic keynote address, to half-day seminars or full-day workshops, attendees are left energized and ready to make a positive change and drive greater results. As well, they are provided with real tools that can help them increase their performance levels immediately as well as a clear path to maintain the course and measure their progress along their personal quest for success.


Once you have a foundation in the TAKE AIM philosophy and strategy, our coaching program will help take your sales results to the next level. We partner with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process, inspiring and mentoring them to maximize their personal and professional potential and establish, then achieve, their short and long-term goals.

With TAKE AIM coaching strategies, we work with our clients to establish their company, team and individual goals and then develop and execute a personalized strategy, holding them accountable to achieving the desired results. Using the TAKE AIM coaching model, our clients consistently increase sales, improve performance and, most importantly, elevate their level of energy and commitment toward achieving their targets and beyond.


Convinced that to love sales is to understand people and their individual needs, speaker, writer, teacher, business coach and top-performing sales consultant Rob Campbell has been sharing his relationship-oriented sales approach with his customers, peers and sales teams for years. Now he shares his experience and insights with organizations like yours. A TAKE AIM keynote address can be the highlight of your conference, a motivational segment of your annual general meeting, or an event unto itself. Lively, interesting and provocative, Rob will engage your audience and leave them energized and motivated to get new results.

Rob is a proven sales leader with more than a quarter-century in professional sales and marketing and a lifetime in business. Rob practices and teaches strategic, proactive sales strategies based on his proven TAKE AIM model. He has been described as dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic and persuasive. A sales visionary and natural leader, Rob is a powerful agent of positive change.

How to get started

Whether you’re a rookie Salesperson or a seasoned veteran, we can offer a customized apporach that fits your requirements:




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